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Escort agency in Mallorca

Do you know the Angels of Mallorca agency?

The luxury escort agency Angels of Mallorca was born 10 years ago with the sole objective of giving pleasure to gentlemen who are looking for the most beautiful, elegant and discreet women to have sex.

With our experience in this sector, we are convinced that we can offer the most prestigious escort service on the island. Since we have the most beautiful and erotic women from all corners of the world.

We offer you a complete luxury service, with the utmost discretion and the maximum guarantee of sexual pleasure. Our clients repeat over the years and it is a pride for us to be able to attend to them as they deserve.

Escort agency in Mallorca

Why choose us as an agency?

01.The most beautiful escorts

Our selection of luxury escorts has been made thoroughly and based on basic requirements: age, beauty and eroticism.

02.10 years of experience

With our great experience in the sector, we know how to organize an appointment with an escort quickly and in the most discreet way.

03.The best location

We are at a point on the island that is very easy and fast to send to one of our beautiful escorts. Enjoy a service without waiting.

04.Exclusive escort services

We serve all your needs and erotic fantasies with professionalism and obedience. Tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

If you want to enjoy a luxury escort in Mallorca we are your best option

Solicitar una escort de lujo en Mallorca es muy sencillo. Tan sólo tienes que llamarnos por teléfono y decirnos que escort deseas. Si además necesitas algún servicio extra o que sea fuera de lo normal, lo puedes decir y nosotras trataremos de hacerlo realidad. También tienes la posibilidad de enviarnos un correo y reservar una escort con tiempo y sin prisas.

Escort agency in Mallorca

Enjoying a VIP escort from our agency

Our escort models are available for you all over the island of Mallorca. The exclusive high-class escort service is based on your wishes and ranges from short encounters with thrilling eroticism, through one night together to whole nights and several days: you will have a great time with our escorts. The escort rate includes all the services offered by the chosen model according to your preferences.

Escort and dinner dates

During meetings in Mallorca you can dine together in a restaurant, spend relaxing hours in a spa, visit a theatre or museum or engage in another activity. There is a basic distinction between escort dating and dinner dating: Dinner dating or escort services are about companionship and spending quality time together; unlike escort dating, dinner dating is not erotic.

Accompanying service in couple or with an additional model

Our escort agency in Mallorca is also at the disposal of couples who are looking for new adventures and want to try something new. You can book one of our escort models for an escort date with your partner, for example, the three of you can meet in a bar and then go home together. For the couple service, there is a 50% surcharge on the normal escort rate. For even more eroticism, some of our models also offer a date with another model from our escort agency in Mallorca.

Book Escort in Mallorca and abroad

With us you can easily make an online booking request for your escort model. To do this, select the model, the date, the time, the duration of the meeting, the desired location, the desired meeting point and the preferred attire of your appointment. Our escorts keep a calendar with availabilities which we can access. In the second step of the booking request, you enter information about yourself and your preferences, select the desired method of contact and send the booking request without obligation. Our escort service acts exclusively as an intermediary. In our escort service in Mallorca, the authenticity of the models is our top priority. We do not edit the ladies' gallery photos and, unlike other agencies in Mallorca, we do not exaggerate the presentation of the profiles. Instead, we stand for humanity, wellness experiences and the pleasure of our clients and models. Not only beautiful ladies await you, but also encounters with eloquent interlocutors. The models work part-time and for private passion as escorts; full-time they devote themselves to other occupations or study.

Book a high class escort model Angels of Mallorca

We provide escort models all over Mallorca and internationally. You can book an escort model or escort service and spend an erotic evening or be entertained, for example, at a dinner together. Take a look at our luxury escorts and make your booking request for your escort date comfortably online. If you want to become a luxury escort in Mallorca and live out your fantasies, ask for help! Discretion always has priority. During a personal interview we get to know your interests and tastes. In this way, we can subsequently place you exclusively for the dates you are interested in. Our escorts are characterised above all by their healthy self-confidence, because choosing an escort in Mallorca means having faced their sexuality and passion beforehand. Being aware of it gives strength and, consequently, self-confidence. Nowadays, a date with a high-class escort includes much more than eroticism: intellectual conversations, pleasant dinners in nice restaurants, not only giving the sensation but living it - accompanying a person for a moment with the playful scenario of being their girlfriend/boyfriend or even their lover, an affair or the beautiful stranger? Escort means adventure.

Welcome to the paradise of sex and carnal pleasure.

Do you live in Mallorca? In that case, you should check out the best escorts here. Here you will find many amateur sluts who want to spend an erotic night of hot sex with me in a hotel or at your home. The structure is very simple, which makes the selection here at Angels of Mallorca agency easier and very pleasant. First you see a series of photos of pretty escort girls and amateur prostitutes. These are lightly clothed, some even completely naked. But the photos are always aesthetic and a real treat for the eyes. Take your time when choosing and scroll down. Choose one of the escort models that you like. Searching for women on this site is easier and faster than a sex date in a bar. There you stand at the bar for a long time without a woman being interested in you. If you meet a pretty woman, you find out that she is not your type at all. Through this page of Escorts in Mallorca you can have an exciting date in a few minutes with a top escort service at affordable prices. You can find out the prices on the first page. This is very fair, because many comparable sites do not give you any information about the costs at the beginning.

You can book escorts in Mallorca at a fixed price. The price depends on the location. Whores and prostitutes escorts come to your home or hotel. Inside Palma you pay a lower price than outside. This is logical, because whores need more time and have higher expenses. For a fixed price you can enjoy the love and escort service of the model agency of your escort lady in Palma for one hour. If you want more, book several hours. Many escorts in Mallorca also offer a happy hour. This way, you will get the normal service at a considerably lower price. The rates are only possible because some services are not included. These are charged separately. But if you want normal sex, the basic price suits you. The escort agency is well stocked with a variety of transsexuals and homosexuals. Whoever looks here will find what they want. The search function for men who know what they want. There is also a handy search function on the site. Just click on "search and find". If you search for a partner using your smartphone, you will quickly learn to appreciate the advantages. You don't have to enter any text. Simply click on a particular feature to bring up the corresponding ladies. The selection is very wide. So you can simply select according to appearance. At the bottom you will find a selection of extras for which a fee is charged. The basic service is almost the same for all ladies. There are big differences in the additional services. If you already know exactly what you want, this function is ideal for you.

Finding escort girls seems to be easy. But if you are looking for sophisticated sexual entertainment, you will choose an escort from a reputable agency. The arranged ladies do not have to waste energy on self-marketing, but can concentrate on their main activity, the client's pleasure. The client can get a first impression beforehand, as the ladies present themselves with their physical advantages, but also with their respective individual offers. Each escort also describes the additional services that can be booked in addition to the standard service. At the meeting you will then discover that the real pleasure will leave the descriptions in the shade. Our models are not just escort girls. Of course, they let themselves be called to offer their clients unforgettable hours. In this way, the common enjoyment is in the foreground, whether it concerns the included services or individually agreed additional services. As a client, you will not only keep good memories of our state, but also of your escort.

Maybe you know the scene: you're in a pub and you want to meet an attractive woman. If it is a pub where there are also escort ladies, you will find one, but often it is not an exact match. You can choose from a few ladies. On this page you will find a large number of women. One is more beautiful than the other. You can inform yourself in advance about the characteristics and service. So the probability of disappointment is less, because the hot models for all tastes are quite safe, whether it is hard sex or cuddly romance, at Angels of Mallorca are a lot of hot sluts on the way, which guarantee an experience of a special kind. Intimate and seductive, the dedicated private models in Mallorca make men's hearts beat faster. Who has never had the pleasure of anal sex, can experience this practice in all its variations at the agency Angels of Mallorca. But also for different fetishes, dominatrix education or slave role play, the horny whores have a special weakness. However, when booking, it should be made clear beforehand which service is involved. The attractive venues provide detailed information about what is included or offered for a supplement.

Experience the Mallorcan escorts service with great escort girls

With one click for more information, get all the information about the escort girls. If you would like more information about an escort at Angels of Mallorca, simply click on a photo. A more detailed profile of the lady you have chosen now appears. You can find out a lot about her appearance, her age, her clothes and her size. In addition, you can often see other pictures. An erotic text will tell you more about the lady's preferences. If you like the lady, just call the Angels of Mallorca modelling agency and make an appointment. If you decide not to, you will find other women in the same line. So you don't have to click again. This feature makes the search much easier. This is what you can expect during a home or hotel sex visit. Amateur whores come to your home, to your hotel or visit you in the truck. They give you exciting sexual contacts. You have paid for an hour or more. During this time you can have sex with one of the escort girls as many times as you want. The price usually includes an exciting foreplay. Many models are also very tender with you. Not all Berlin escort models like tongue kissing. If they do, it usually costs a few euros more. Anal sex is also possible. The eroticism of additional sex with a top escort service Berlin is cheaper than you think and offers you a lot of fun. If you want to have sex more often, it is worth visiting the escort agency page regularly. The ladies are constantly changing and maybe the escort girl of your dreams is online today. One of the decisive differences to other agency sites is the clear category. There you can select among others also He is looking for him, Homo Sex Berlin, or Man seeking man for sex in Mallorca. There is also an extra category for shemales. In general, you can find everything your heart desires, whether it is a little hostess or intimate sex contacts with prostitutes and escort whores. The intimate escort service of the escort agency reaches the area around Palma. The escort agency attaches great importance to discretion during sexual visits to homes or hotels. A sexual rendezvous with one of the escorts of the hobby is always worthwhile.

There is also no shortage of services out of turn and for a surcharge at the escort in Mallorca. What belongs to the included escort service, the service against surcharge, as well as for bizarre preferences, are carefully listed in the details about all call girls. This avoids misunderstandings on both sides. You will not only get a sensitive and horny escort service, but also a totally fair escort service. And once the erotic sparks fly, understanding the sexy program is even easier. Try Escort Mallorca and its charming private models for yourself, you won't regret it. Let yourself be seduced by a sexual encounter in Palma de Mallorca today. It doesn't take much to weaken before the stunning escort girls with their exciting curves. The enormous charms with which the hot models present themselves hardly leave a man cold. You don't get to see such beautiful breasts, buttocks and legs every day, and you can even touch and feel them up close on your body. Isn't that a thought that turns you on even more? See what else you can find out about the gorgeous models. Each girl writes a few sentences about herself that say something about the person and the importance of sexual contacts in her life. Maybe you spontaneously feel the need to get to know a certain escort model better. The women in the agency offer completely different services for a supplement. For example, if you like anal sex, you are guaranteed to find the right partner. Even partner swapping is not a problem. If you want to invite a good friend, you can do it with many women. The surcharge is low, so it is definitely worth it. The women come to the hotel room or to the flat. Some also make visits in the truck or in the car. The special advantage of these escort ladies is that they charge by the hour. So the man has all the time in the world to sleep with the woman according to all the rules of the art. Many women also speak German, so that even a pleasant conversation is possible. If the man has certain desires for the arrangement, he should think about it. Otherwise, the woman can determine what happens during the hour.

The philosophy of our agency escorts

So please don't ask questions about the service. No one can decide over the phone or chat if kissing is OK for you. Many other things are also decided in person. Basically: We are happy to tell you what will NEVER do WITH YOU, everything else is decided by sympathy and of course money. Besides, sexual self-determination is simply cool, mega modern and politically correct. With us you can fuck with an ecological conscience. Many of our girls will go for a drink with you if you can afford it. But we tell you from experience: have your party with your escort bunny at home or in your hotel room and focus on what you're paying for: sexy action! The escort ladies would rather suck your cock than see you at the disco, coolly handling bottles of champagne.

Stop looking! Our high-class escort ladies in Mallorca will surprise you and turn every date into an experience. Would you like to spend two hours with our ladies in a hotel, with a glass of champagne on the bedside table and be pampered with every trick in the book? Or do you fancy a romantic stroll along the beach at sunset and then a cosy dinner in a beach restaurant in Mallorca followed by a sensual treat? Our high-class escorts are the perfect companion for every event and every trip, even outside Mallorca. Whether business or private, with our ladies you are always in the light and do not have to hide. After all, our high-class escort ladies from Mallorca are not only beautiful, but also know how to score in matters of general knowledge and rhetoric. Thus, the business dinner becomes an unforgettable experience for you and your partner (or boss) with charm, speed and level. Our high-class escort ladies will show you around Palma and take you to the most romantic places in the world, if that is what you desire. Experience pure romance, pure eroticism or combine both in a date completely to your liking that will go beyond your imagination.

Premium escort service

Angels of Mallorca t represents a special exclusivity and treats all enquiries with the necessary discretion. The discretion with which we treat your details is one of the few reasons why we can pride ourselves on having a completely satisfied client base. Our escort service is one of the hottest and most renowned escort agencies in Malllorca. Individually tailored to the desires of the discerning gentleman of the world, as well as couples and singles. We offer a sophisticated service with stunning and beautiful escort girls. Our top priority is the well-being of both parties, the satisfaction of our clients and absolute discretion. Above all, we let friendliness, enthusiasm and openness flow in our luxury escort agency work. We are your sovereign partner when it comes to sophisticated, discreet and above all serious nightlife companionship. We would like our clients and models to regard us as equals: discretion is our top priority! Our high class Mallorca escort service provides the best entertainment and deep, meaningful conversations every time. Our strict selection criteria make our Palma escort ladies perfect for business dinners or client dates, or to impress the boss. We demand a high level of education and communication skills and only choose to work with independent escorts who are not only beautiful, but who meet the highest standards. Our escort agency in Palma fulfils your erotic fantasies, preferences and already starts with the selection of escort ladies for the island. The escort ladies in Mallorca are very well groomed and offer exclusive encounters. Meet real escort ladies in the Balearic Islands and let yourself be enchanted by their charm and charisma. All our clients appreciate the discretion we offer, this is guaranteed with us. Your personal data will be treated confidentially, will only be used for a short period of time for the escort service and will not be stored.

Enjoy a first class erotic service with style and charisma and feel free to let us know your individual wishes. This means: when you are at the airport, a nice lady can be waiting for you, if you wish, she will take you to dinner or to the hotel in a luxury limousine, which we will book for you if you wish. We attach great importance to fulfil your wishes and ideas and offer you in our sex escort service 24 hours a day 365 days a year in Mallorca, Europe and worldwide. Take some time and visit our exclusive service. Each of our vip models has her personal photo portfolio with a detailed description. These great escorts are exclusive only with us. We will be happy to arrange an exclusive sex date in Mallorca with our attractive and elegant ladies and models for you 24 hours a day as a renowned escort service. Our beautiful escort girls accompany you 24 h also well groomed and charming to a romantic evening, to an exquisite candlelight dinner, to company anniversaries, to business dinners as an escort or dinner lady, as an escort to weddings, to luxury parties in a club, as your fun and stylish girlfriend for a while or as a travel escort to your dream holiday, in Mallorca, Europe or even worldwide. Our Mallorca escort agency can fulfil almost every wish. Our ladies also accompany you on lustful and frivolous adventures with erotic massages. Spend the evening after your business meeting not alone, but with one of our wonderful escort ladies. We will make your erotic fantasies come true. Enjoy interesting and lively conversations at the highest level, the evening will end in a tingle of lust and sparkling eroticism. You can view all Mallorca escorts individually and select the playing cards with a click on one of the models. We will be happy to answer your questions about the service and rates over the phone. Now we wish you a lot of pleasure on our pages. Our escort girls (escort ladies in Mallorca) are here for you.